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If you own a truck, you want to take the best possible care of it while exploiting its power to the max. If you have a truck without a trailer hitch, you're missing out on a world of possibilities! Sure, you can uproot a tree by attaching it to your bumper, but you can't tow a boat, trailer, or another vehicle! For big towing jobs on and off road, you need the baddest trailer hitch. At Tow Hitch City in Palm Coast, FL, we install Draw-Tite trailer hitches of various sizes and capacities to get the job done. You can learn more about Draw-Tite trailer hitches here. If you're towing a trailer, a boat, horses, or another vehicle, we have the 34 years of trusted installations and the right product for you.

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Of course, some jobs are so hefty that you need a fifth wheel trailer. For pulling horses, campers, tractor trailers, or multi-car trailers, you need the strength and improved turn radius of a gooseneck trailer and a fifth wheel trailer hitch mounted on your truck. We at Tow Hitch City install fifth wheel trailer hitches for these extreme jobs.

If you plan on using the bed of your truck for hauling anything, you definitely need a bed liner. Without a bed liner, your truck's bed will become scratched and rusty very quickly. Not only to bed liners protect your truck, but they protect and cushion your cargo, protect against rust, and improve the look of your bed. We do a lot of bed liners here at Tow Hitch City in Palm Coast, FL. Almost every truck owner wants a bed liner. Of course, we don't mess around here—we do the very best job and install the highest quality. We don't do cheap knock-off jobs or substandard shortcuts at Tow Hitch City in Palm Coast, FL.

Undercover Tonneau in Palm Coast, FL

To provide safety for your carge, tonneaus (bed covers) are your best option. Tonneaus keep your cargo safe from theives and keep it from flying away on the highway. Even when you aren't hauling a load, a tonneau makes your truck far more aerodynamic, saving gas and improving performance. We at Tow Hitch City install Undercover SE tonneaus on all makes and models. Undercover SE tonneaus are built to last, quick and easy to install and remove, and are an excellent value for the price. Undercover SE tonneaus also provide a water-tight seal, ensuring the safety of you cargo. You can learn more about Undercover tonneaus here.

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