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Trailer Hitch In Palm Coast

August 07, 2017

Trailer Hitch in Palm Coast In Palm Coast, Florida I can help you out with the trailer hitch you need. Whether you have just purchased a Jet Ski, boat, or recreational vehicle getting the right equipment is so necessary. It is true that one size does not fit all. Tow Hitch City has an unbelievable staff to help you understand that the size weight and type of thing you are towing needs special attention, after all this is your investment. I can work with you and our trained professional staff to get you on the road/water in no time.

We mount our trailer hitch under your bumper so when you are not using it, it remains unnoticeable. They are called the low profile trailer hitch. I will show you the 5 classes of trailer hitch available. The 1 and 2 classes are built for lighter loads that are up to 3,500 lbs. This should suit your needs for jet skis, light water craft and smaller RV/Campers. The next class of 3 to 5 trailer hitch will tow your loads of up to 10,000 lbs. This particular class of trailer hitches will tow, horse trailers, small to mid-range RVs. My team will ensure that you have all the right wiring for brake lighting to keep you and your prized possessions safe on the road.

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The more complicated trailer hitch is the Fifth Wheeler. This is for a larger horse trailer or RV/Camper that is connected to a trailer hitch in the middle of your truck bed. It requires specialized installation and reinforcement that my team here in Palm Coast are trained and certified to put together a seamless fit you will love.

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