Trailer Hitch & Fifth Wheel Installation in Palm Coast, FL

Why You Need a Trailer Hitch in Palm Coast, FL

A trailer hitch is what you will need if you enjoy hauling equipment to camp, jet ski or boat in Palm Coast, FL. Any transport that requires you to haul a heavy item behind your vehicle will require a trailer hitch assembly. American automakers design bumper systems to be strong and reliable although these are not meant for hauling heavy loads.

Draw-Tite trailer hitch in Palm Coast, FL

There are two styles of a trailer hitch: a receiver type and a fixed drawbar type. For a direct mount system, the receiver trailer hitch is what is attached to accept a ball mount. The fixed assemblies are normally constructed as a single piece that has a routed hole that takes the place of the standard ball joint.

A place known as Tow Hitch City has models that are able to mount easily onto any bumper type. These are created to offer a seamless fit while giving you a removable drawbar. The profile is low, and the towing capacity is excellent. If you plan to pull an Airstream travel trailer or horse trailer, the Palm Coast, FL based Tow Hitch City can install these trailer hitches.

Fifth wheel in Palm Coast, FL

When shopping for a trailer hitch inside the U.S., it is helpful to know that there are five different styles of a trailer hitch to choose between. These are defined as class numbers of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The number 1 and number 2 class was engineered to handle a lighter load. The maximum weight is about 3,500 pounds. The higher number classes such as 3, 4 and 5 will be able to help pull up to 10,000 pounds. This means that these versions work the best when hauling a camper or a boat.

Before deciding upon any unit, you have to keep the weight in the back of your mind. To protect the equipment that you will attach, a trailer hitch lock is a worthwhile investment. The pins inside this mechanism prevent a person from stealing your gear. This is an effective method of security in Palm Coast, FL, so you do not lose your trailer.

Any of the trailer hitches that are installed by Tow Hitch City in Palm Coast, FL are designed for a specific make or model vehicle. Not only do these provide an excellent fit, but the heavy-duty construction is hard to beat. Strength testing validates that the construction will stand up to any type of hauling regardless of the type of equipment. The all-weld build and impenetrable black powder coating on every trailer hitch is a safeguard to prevent oxidation or rust deposits on the trailer hitch.

Trailer Hitches for Fifth Wheel Trailers in Palm Coast, FL

An optional type of connection comes from the fifth wheel trailer hitch. This type was created to help haul trailers in Palm Coast, FL that do not have a standard shape. The front metal shaft that protrudes out of a fifth wheel will go beyond the face of the trailer. This trailer hitch type is known for being reliable as well as strong. It is not uncommon for fifth wheel weight handling to be as high as 30,000 pounds.

The area where installation takes place for a fifth wheel trailer hitch is by the middle of the bed of a truck. This is different from the rear bumper like most conventional trailer hitch brands. A comparison can be made with a regular horse trailer for use in Palm Coast, FL. Fifth wheels are built to have a smaller radius for turning. It is possible to make tighter turns with a fifth wheel because of the attachment in the rear of the bed of the truck.

The process for installing a new fifth wheel trailer hitch can sometimes require the removal of the truck bed due to the way that the frame has to attach to the ball hitch. A hole is typically drilled towards the middle of the bed to make certain the fifth wheel trailer hitch ball will fit nicely prior to the reassembly. The fifth wheel trailer hitch ball does require elevation to help someone hook up a trailer to it. There are types of fifth wheel hitches that have a ball attached that is able to fold right into the bed of a truck when it is not being used. This offers a flat surface for fifth wheel transport in Palm Coast, FL.

The tight turning radius providing by fifth wheel trailer hitches is excellent for trailers that have an irregular shape to them. While these might be a little harder to install, fifth wheels do provide security and ease of use once they are permanently attached to the truck bed.