Trailer Hitch & Fifth Wheel Installation in Palm Coast


Why You Need a Trailer Hitch in Palm Coast, FL



Trailer Hitch in Port Orange, Florida If you are a resident of Palm Coast, FL who enjoys camping, boating, or jet skiing, you are likely familiar with hauling heavy items on the back of your truck. While most vehicles have sturdy bumpers, they are not usually designed to handle thousands of pounds of weight. A trailer hitch is the best way to ensure that these items make it to their intended destination in Palm Coast, FL without getting damaged on the way. Picking the right trailer hitch or fifth wheel for your needs is the first step to getting the most out of the FL lifestyle.


American regulations support five distinct classifications of trailer hitch based on their towing capacity. They are simply numbered 1-5, with lower numbers corresponding to smaller trailer hitch capacities of around 3,500 pounds while larger ones can handle more weight (up to 10,000 pounds). When shopping for a trailer hitch, it is important to bear in mind what you will actually need. A 1 is simply not enough to tow a boat to your favorite FL boating destination.

There are also two types of trailer hitch: receiver and fixed drawbar. A receiver-type trailer hitch is attached to the truck, allowing a ball mount to secure something to it. A fixed trailer hitch integrates a hole into the construction of a truck to replace the usual ball joint. The best place to get a fixed drawbar trailer hitch is Tow Hitch City in Palm Coast, FL.

Tow Hitch City has trailer hitch models custom-made to fit any vehicle type, so you always get a perfect fit. The finished product has a low profile that makes driving on FL roads a breeze. The drawbar is also removable, ensuring that you are always ready for whatever the Port Orange, FL roads have in store for you.

The Palm Coast, FL company also has a strong commitment to quality. Heavy duty construction is employed to ensure that the trailer hitch can stand up to any type of hauling FL residents may plan to subject it to. Every item is welded in place for maximum durability, and a black powder finish prevents oxidation and rust from setting in. Tow Hitch City has a vigorous strength testing standard to ensure that every product is up to snuff!

Fifth Wheel Trailer Trailers in Palm Coast, FL

Fifth Wheel in Port Orange, Florida

What if your trailer does not have the conventional shapes most commonly used in Palm Coast, FL? In this scenario, you need a fifth wheel option. A fifth wheel trailer has a front metal shaft protruding from a fifth wheel beyond the trailer's face. A fifth wheel trailer is very strong, frequently boasting a towing capacity in excess of 30,000 pounds! It is also among the most reliable options in the Palm Coast, FL marketplace. Tow Hitch City can get you the perfect fifth wheel trailer hitch for your needs.

Unlike other trailer hitches, fifth wheel trailer hitches are installed in the middle of the bed of the truck. The resulting smaller turn radius allows the vehicle to make tighter turns than other trailer hitch options available in FL. The installation process frequently includes disassembling the truck bed and drilling a hole into the vehicle's bed in order to determine whether the ball hitch will fit as intended upon reassembly. Some elevation is also required to use a fifth wheel trailer hitch. If you would prefer not to sacrifice your truck bed's flat surface for a trailer hitch you only need sometimes, Tow Hitch City can make a trailer hitch that folds down when not in use. It's the best of both worlds, perfect for Palm Coast FL residents!

Fifth wheel trailer hitch installation is more challenging, but provides a great deal of security and ease of use when it is completed. Additional security can be derived from a hitch lock, one of the best ways to protect your trailer hitch investment in FL. Its pins prevent thieves from stealing your gear, a potentially costly loss you are better off avoiding.

In conclusion, residents of Port Orange FL need trailer hitches to make the most of the FL environment. Standard models from Tow Hitch City can accommodate most vehicle types, and fifth wheel options can handle the rest. Contact them today to start safely towing all of the heavy toys in your life!